Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an additional training course aimed at making new drivers more comfortable on the roads and driving in certain conditions.

It was designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) with input from insurers and the driving instruction industry. In fact most insurers will discount your insurance costs if you have completed a Pass plus course.

The Pass Plus course covers six modules:

  1. In Town – Aimed at helping you get used to driving through busy towns with other traffic and pedestrians.
  2. In Different Weather Conditions – Driving in the rain is completely different to driving when it is sunny; this module will teach you these differences.
  3. On Rural Roads –rural roads present a whole range of different hazards to town driving.
  4. At Night – Covering all aspects of driving in the dark.
  5. On Dual Carriageways –covering the different challenges of driving on dual carriage ways.
  6. On Motorways – Covering all aspects of motorway driving, joining, leaving, breakdowns, and overtaking.